Since 2001, Third Person has had the privilege of working with some of the best clients in Wisconsin and across the country.


65 Incorporated Incorporated provides Medicare consulting services to consumers. We helped them name and brand their company, as well as build and design their website. View 65 Incoporated Web Design & Advertising


Calderone Club is an italian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. Over the years we have worked with them on print advertising as well as menu design. View Calderone Club Design & Advertising


Batteries Plus Bulbs is a national franchise organization that's employed Third Person on multiple TV and radio advertising campaigns. View More Batteries Plus Bulbs Television Commercials.


Clysar is a manufacturer of high-performance polyolefin shrink films. We’ve worked with them on websites, trade shows, brochures, email marketing and more. View more Clysar Marketing and Communications.


PS Furniture is a manufacturer of business furniture and has worked with Third Person on web, internet marketing, and advertising projects. View more PS Furniture Advertising.


Signicast is an investment castings company based in Hartford, WI. We’ve work together on advertising campaigns, web sites, and internal branding campaigns. View more Signicast Marketing and Communications


When we speak to a potential client or a new business for the first time, we often hear the question — What is your agency's area of expertise?

"We've found over the years that when an agency chooses to "specialize" in an industry, their agency becomes two-dimensional," says Michael Caughill, President at Third Person, Inc. "They find something that works and utilizes that same technique again and again for different businesses. Sooner or later, it's not going to work anymore."

This Milwaukee advertising agency works with you to provide marketing and web design results that go beyond your expectations. Since Third Person specializes in a method of communication rather than one particular industry, we're able to take web design, marketing and advertising techniques proven in one industry, and apply them to another industry.


When it comes time to talk directly with shareholders, potential customers, employees, and others through their annual report, Brady Corporation turns to Third Person, Inc., the Milwaukee advertising and strategic marketing communications agency. View more Brady Corporation Marketing.


Carlson Tool & Manufacturing is the largest tooling and manufacturing facility of its kind in North America. Third Person has worked with them on brochures, sell sheets, and redesigning their website. View more Carlson Tool Advertising and Web Design.


Dedicated Computing designs and builds computing solutions, they have worked with Third Person to refresh their website and sales materials.


Third Person worked with the Harley-Davidson marketing team to develop a campaign strategy, including outdoor signage, a trade show, direct mail, and other sales collateral, to communicate with their dealer network.